Animal Communicator Val Heart Demonstrates Einstein's Shut the Door Trick | Animal Talk Video Podcast #1

Val Heart and Scott Paton

Apr 02 2010

Val Heart, Animal Communicator, shows you how easy it is to teach your dog new tricks! Her mini schnauzer puppy Einstein has a blast with his job as doorman (door dog??) and in this video he shows how to shut the door.

Animal communication is the secret key to enjoying great training with any animal, because it helps you understand each other, learn how your animal enjoys learning best and what's easy for them, clear up any confusion, and get the rules of the 'game.' Save money, energy and time at the trainers by learning how to communicate with your own aniamls. , and the animals are heard and issues are dealt with.

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Val shares her love and experience talking and communicating with animals. About Val Heart and Scott Paton

Val is internationally recognized as an Expert Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic, Animal Behaviorist and Master Healer for humans and their animals. She has over 40 years experience working with over 6,400 animals to date. Heard on radio and seen on tv, she is also a noted author and frequent contributor to various magazines.

For more information about her work or to schedule a personal consultation to resolve issues with your animals, visit her website: or Contact her by emailing: [email protected]

Val Heart is no ordinary animal communicator. Val fell in love with horses when she was five years old and began her long term relationship getting to know and understand horses. Her work with horses led to intensive study in developing her gifts with animal communication and other supporting healing techniques.

Highly trained in advanced, state-of-the-art alternative healing and life-changing coaching modalities, Val helps horses and their people rebalance in body, mind & spirit.

Early on, Val discovered that much of what goes wrong with animals is a reflection of, or a reaction to their caretaker's imbalances. Val helps you with not only your animals, but also your life.

A foremost authority on The Human Animal BodyMind Connection, she takes you deeper into your own personal best – a space of well-being, peace, balance, clarity and greater consciousness awareness.

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